Shipping During Festival Season 

When will my order ship?



All orders placed in April and May will have longer shipping times. You can expect to wait 2-6 weeks while we are at Wanee and Jazz Fest. If you placed a order on site at a festival the shipping time is 2-6 weeks after the festival ends. We thank you for you patience while we capture more live recordings. 




What is your purchase policy?
All purchases are final, non-refundable and your credit card will be charged upon sale. There are absolutely no refunds due to the nature of our products.  

Can I order on my mobile device?

Yes, you can order from our site using your mobile device. However, if you are planning on ordering a digital download, the download process must be completed from a PC or Mac computer - not a mobile device such as an iPhone, Android, tablet, or iPad. Once downloaded to your computer, you can add these files to your mobile device through your preferred method.

Will I get an email confirmation of my order?
Upon our receipt of your completed order and the completion of the credit card processing, we will send your order confirmation number to the email address you furnished to us when purchasing. Please record this number for future online reference. All of our email communications will use the email address that you initially furnish us.
How long does shipping take? 
All shipping takes place 7-10 business days after the order is placed. In most cases orders are shipped much sooner than that. Please keep in mind that we are not responsible for USPS, UPS and Fed Ex delays. During April and May all online orders will take 2-6 weeks to ship. 
I ordered a CD at the venue where it is? 
Recordings ordered at the venue will not receive an email confirmation. The ticket/receipt you were given at the venue is your confirmation. All on site orders can take anywhere from 2-8 business weeks after the last day of the Festival. 
Are these recordings from the soundboard?
The recordings are multi-track recordings where Munck Mix engineers take a combination of instrument and microphone stage feeds and audience microphones to render a high quality recording with a “live” feel. The multi track recording is then mixed and mastered in MunckMix’ mobile studio rig, or at its studios in Chicago, before being transferred to CDs and posted as downloads.

Why are some shows available for downloads, some as CDs and some as both?

For a variety of reasons, some bands only want to sell their recordings on CDs, others want to sell their recordings only as downloads to avoid conflicts with their record labels.


I downloaded the show now what do I do? 

Your download file will be a zip file and it must be extracted or unzipped. Most computers have this function built in when you right click. For more information on unzipping please click here 



Why wont my media player wont play your files?

All of our files are industry standard and have all been tested. Due to the amount of different media players we insist that you contact the company that makes your media player for any questions or concerns on how to play files. 

What file formats are available when I purchase a download?

MunckMusic offers consumers a choice of two download formats: MP3 (at 320 Kbps resolution) and FLAC (lossless). There is a slight surcharge for FLAC format as these files are considerably larger than MP3 files and require more storage and transmission bandwidth. You will be prompted to choose your format during the check out process.

Why would I choose to download FLAC files?

For experienced audiophiles. FLAC files are "lossless" files that - although compressed to about 65% of the size of a normal CD file size - can be converted to a Wave file format with no loss in fidelity. However, these files are significantly larger than MP3 files (see below) and require much longer transmission time and more storage space. Also, very few devices can actually play back a pure FLAC file, so users must go through an additional conversion step on their PCs before the files can be listened to. For this reason, we only recommend FLAC to experienced users who have the necessary conversion software and equipment.

Download specifications:
44.1 KHz sampling rate, 16 bit. 
Files are saved with a ".flac" file extension

Why would I choose to download MP3 files?

Ideal for Windows and Macintosh Users with existing MP3 (or iTunes) music libraries or devices. A vast number of digital music fans are already familiar with the MP3 format since there are numerous consumer electronics devices and software applications on the market that are capable of playing MP3 files.

Download specifications:
Encoded at a constant (CBR) 320 Kbps bitrate
Files are saved with a ".mp3" file extension

Who sets the price for downloads?
MunckMix works directly with the artists to set the prices for their products. Downloads are typically priced below CDs as they require no handling, assembly, and inventory management. Contrary to some beliefs, however, downloads are not cost-free. Web-design, data storage and equipment amortization, internet connections, royalties, software licenses, payment processing, database administration and maintenance, tech support, customer service, and venue fees all add up!


What if the CDs I purchased are damaged or unplayable?
We take great care in assuring that your product arrives in good condition. Our audio CDs are high quality, and our specially designed CD mailers attempt to assuage the postal carriers' handling. We will replace items that arrive in damaged or broken condition, but may ask you to return the damaged products to us. If your order arrives damaged or unplayable, please notify us via email (service@munckmusic.com) within 30 days of receipt and we will instruct you how to proceed. Please include the following information and your replacement copy will be sent.  

• Order #
• Concert date and venue
• A brief description of the damage
• Your name
• Shipping address
• Email address
• Phone number

Who do I contact regarding customer service?

When emailing us, please include the Band/Artist name and your Order Number in the Subject line. We do not provide individual order updates on any order through this email.

Customer service inquiries are answered via email within 48-72 hours of the email on business days only at service@munckmusic.com




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