The Allman Brothers Band: 2008-10-11 Live at Chastain Park, Atlanta, GA, October 11, 2008

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1. Hot 'Lanta (5:23)
2. Don't Keep Me Wonderin' (4:18)
3. Midnight Rider (3:38)
4. Rockin' Horse (12:56)
5. Soulshine (7:23)
6. Done Somebody Wrong (9:12)
7. Anyday (8:47)
8. The Weight (9:36)

1. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed (16:38)
2. The Same Thing (10:06)
3. Ain't Wastin' Time No More (8:38)
4. Crowd Noise (0:50)
5. Into The Mystic (5:00)
6. Black Hearted Woman (9:37)

1. Dreams (12:33)
2. Jessica (10:58)
3. JaMaBuBu (9:36)
4. Jessica (reprise) (4:27)
5. Crowd (1:40)
6. Whipping Post (13:36)


The Allman Brothers brought a whole lot of heart and passion to the last show of the tour, delivering a performance that is sure to be talked about for years! The "Hot 'Lanta" opener was appropriate, and set a high bar for the rest of the show, with the whole band locked in and hittin' the note. "Rocking Horse" and "Done Somebody Wrong" featured the new extended jams that emerged this year, and both were excellent. Not to mention a version of "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" that was absolutely off the charts, with Derek and Warren complimenting each other perfectly and playing with telepathic tightness. And that's just the first set!
Gregg's voice and keyboard playing were strong all night, but both were particularly good on a poignant "Ain't Wastin' Time No More" that brought the house down. Gregg also sang "Dreams" as well as ever, although Derek's spectacular solo stole the show on that tune. "Jessica" was another masterpiece of spontaneous improvisation, with the whole band playing as one. The only way to close a show as amazing as this is with "Whipping Post," and this version doesn't play around! Gregg sings from the depths of his soul, Oteil's bass is earthshaking, the drummers drive the relentless groove, and Derek and Warren reach down for some explosive solos. The second set of this show represents a high water mark for this lineup, and makes you eager for next year's 40th anniversary tour


The Allman Brothers Band:

Gregg Allman - keys, vocals

Butch Trucks - drums

Jaimoe - drums

Oteil Burbridge - bass

Marc Quinones - percussion

Derek Trucks - guitar

Warren Haynes - guitar, vocals



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