The Allman Brothers Band: 2009-03-23 Live at Beacon Theatre, New York, NY, March 23, 2009

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1. Don't Want You No More (2:49)
2. It's Not My Cross To Bear (5:25)
3. Done Somebody Wrong (6:53) @
4. Can't Lose What You Never Had (6:11)
5. Announcements (0:22)
6. Desdemona (15:10) &
7. New Instrumental (10:46)

1. Announcements (2:25)
2. Soul Serenade (9:42) *#^
3. Memphis Soul Stew (5:33) *#
4. Them Changes (9:20) *#
5. You Don’t Love Me (6:27) @
6. Little Martha (8:08)
7. I Walk On Gilded Splinters (6:54) $%
8. And It Stoned Me (5:22) $%
9. Can't Find My Way Home (6:31) $%

1. Leave My Blues At Home (2:33)
2. JaMaBuBu (8:49)
3. Leave My Blues At Home - reprise (4:51)
4. Les Brers In A Minor (16:31) %
5. Crowd Noise (4:23)
6. Statesboro Blues (12:45)

@ = w/ Thom Doucette, harmonica
& = w/ Ron Holloway, saxophone
*= w/ Jimmy Smith, organ; Bernard Purdie, drums; Jerry Jemmott, bass
# = w/ Susan Tedeschi, vocals
^ = w/ Mike Mattison, vocals
$ = w/ John Bell, vocals
% = w/ Jimmy Herring, guitar

Even after the epic Clapton shows and a Beacon run full of special guests and surprises, this show stands out from the crowd! This may be the most guest-packed show of all, with everyone from harmonica master Thom Doucette and saxophonist supreme Ron Holloway to Susan Tedeschi and the Kingpins of King Curtis fame joined the fun, and that was just the first set! As always, some of the best highlights belonged to a recharged Gregg Allman, who sang his heart out on "Desdemona," which also featured some tasty sax licks from Holloway.

Thom "Ace" Doucette played harmonica on the classic Live At Fillmore East album, so it's only fitting that he joined the band for "Done Somebody Wrong" and "You Don't Love Me." This Ace still has a few tricks up his sleeve! It was also a great tribute to Duane to feature the members of the Kingpins (Jerry Jemmott - bass, Bernard Purdie - drums and Jimmy Smith - keys), on the King Curtis classic "Soul Serenade," which took the whole Beacon to church. "Memphis Soul Stew" added Mike Mattison to the mix and took it even higher. Have mercy!

As if determined to outdo the remarkable first set, the second set opened with a "Little Martha>Blue Sky>Little Martha" sandwich jam that showcased some of the prettiest guitar playing of the entire run. John Bell of Widespread Panic added soulful vocals to the Blind Faith classic "Can't Find My Way Home" and a downright nasty "Walk On Gilded Splinters," and WSP guitarist Jimmy Herring was on fire all through the second set. Check out this extended jamathon of a "Les Brers In A Minor," which shows Derek and Jimmy playing together with the special telepathy only they have. Did we mention the extended "Statesboro Blues" encore, Ludlow Garage style?

What are you waiting for? Get this one today!


The Allman Brothers Band:

Gregg Allman - keys, vocals

Butch Trucks - drums

Jaimoe - drums

Oteil Burbridge - bass

Marc Quinones - percussion

Derek Trucks - guitar

Warren Haynes - guitar, vocals



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