The Allman Brothers Band: 2010-11-18 Live at Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, November 18, 2010

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1. Revival (10:44)
2. I Walk On Gilded Splinters (6:44)
3. Come And Go Blues (6:36)
4. Rockin' Horse (14:39)
5. All My Friends (5:53)
6. Anyday (10:39)
7. Black Hearted Woman (11:52)

1. Melissa (5:48)
2. Comin' Home (8:40)
3. Leave My Blues At Home (6:51)
4. Stormy Monday (9:15)

1. Woman Across The River (8:53)
2. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed (19:49)
3. JaMaBuBu (12:00)
4. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed - reprise (2:36)
5. Crowd noise (1:49)
6. Preachin' Blues (6:01)
7. Trouble No More (3:51)


From the band's many legendary runs at the Beacon to the 2004 Fox shows, which are widely regarded as a high point for the current ABB lineup, multiple night stands at the same venue always seem to bring out the best in the Allman Brothers Band. Opening night of the Orpheum run was no exception, as the band turned in a blistering performance that was Beacon-esque in its power.

The band came out with guns blazing in the first set, laying down several exceptional jams that would be worthy of a second set. Rockin' Horse continues to amaze in its new arrangement, with plenty of room for everybody to stretch out and jam. The closing sequence of Anyday, with a pronounced "Blue Sky" jam, and Black Hearted Woman, with a jam reminiscent of the Grateful Dead's classic "The Other One," was a spectacular display of firepower that showed the ABB locked in and hittin' the note. And that was just the first set!

The highlight of the second set may have been a stellar rendition of Stormy Monday that saw Gregg singing from the depths of his soul, an incredible performance that even got an ovation from Derek Trucks! An awesome version of In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed and a rare double encore of Preachin' Blues and Trouble No More finished the show off in style.


The Allman Brothers Band:

Gregg Allman - keys, vocals

Butch Trucks - drums

Jaimoe - drums

Oteil Burbridge - bass

Marc Quinones - percussion

Derek Trucks - guitar

Warren Haynes - guitar, vocals



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