The Allman Brothers Band: 2011-04-15 Live at Wanee Music Festival, Live Oak, FL, April 15, 2011

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1. Hot 'Lanta (5:35)
2. Midnight Rider (3:23)
3. Trouble No More (3:46)
4. Woman Across The River (10:19)
5. Come and Go Blues (6:09)
6. I Walk on Gilded Splinters (7:18)
7. Egypt (10:20)

1. Statesboro Blues (5:23)
2. Who's Been Talking (10:16) %
3. Preachin' Blues (6:05)
4. Black Hearted Woman (13:25)

1. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (21:22) *
2. JaMaBuBu (13:42)
3. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed - reprise (5:02)
4. Crowd noise (3:48)
5. Melissa (5:35)
6. Announcement (0:22)
7. One Way Out (9:12) #

% = w/ Kofi Burbridge, flute
* = w/ Ron Holloway, sax
# = w/ Luther Dickinson, guitar; Cody Dickinson, drums & Roosevelt Collier, pedal steel


The first of two epic Allman Brothers shows at Wanee 2011, this show is full of highlights and helped set the tone for a great weekend!

The "Hot'Lanta" opener was fiery, a great way to kick off the night. "Gilded Splinters" took the show up a notch, with Warren and Derek dueling back and forth on slide, exchanging ferocious leads while the rhythm section cooked up a swampy groove. This explosive jam led right into "Egypt," a tight, focused version that delivers a lot of powerful jamming in 10 compact minutes.

Kofi Burbridge on flute adds a jazzy, almost Herbie Mann-esque dimesion to "Who's Been Talking," and after an intimate "Preachin' Blues" the band cuts loose with a powerhouse "Black Hearted Woman" that shows the band hitting on all cylinders. "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" starts off with "Les Brers" teases in the extended intro jam, before taking off into a jazz odyssey with sax player Ron Holloway joining in the fun. After "JaMaBuBu," check out the "Spanish Key" tease before they return to the "Liz Reed" theme. Good stuff!

Gregg Allman had the crowd mesmerized with his classic "Melissa" to kick off the encore on a tender note, before roaring back with a tight "One Way Out" where Gregg really stretched out the ending and showed his voice is as strong as ever. A great 1-2 combo to end a great show!


The Allman Brothers Band:

Gregg Allman - keys, vocals

Butch Trucks - drums

Jaimoe - drums

Oteil Burbridge - bass

Marc Quinones - percussion

Derek Trucks - guitar

Warren Haynes - guitar, vocals



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