The Allman Brothers Band: 2013-03-05 Live at Beacon Theatre, New York, NY, March 05, 2013

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1. Hot 'Lanta (5:28)
2. I Walk On Gilded Splinter (6:55)
3. One Way Out (5:35)
4. Blue Sky (9:40)
5. Desdemona (8:48)
6. Announcement 1 (0:13)
7. To Know You Is To Love You (6:32) *
8. Tears Of Rage (5:41) *
9. Jessica (14:37)

1. Spots Of Time (8:37)
2. Statesboro Blues (5:19)
3. Rockin' Horse (15:22)
4. Stormy Monday (9:26)
5. Who To Believe (7:43) *

1. Stand Back (7:47) *
2. Stage banter 1 (0:40)
3. Into The Mystic (8:24) *
4. Black Hearted Woman (10:54)
5. Crowd noise (4:52)
6. Southbound (7:40) #

* With the Juke Horns
# With Eric Krasno, guitar, and the Juke Horns


Kickin' it off with Hot'lanta the Allman's staked their claim to what could be the best run in ages. Although we don't think anything can ever compare to the 2009 run, this might, just might be right up there with it. Gregg's voice is in as good a shape as we've ever heard as he nails Gilded Splinters. After a beefy One Way Out, Warren thrills us vocally with a full blown Blue Sky and Warren and Derek finally get to stretch out on guitars for the whole song! Amazing stuff!

Following that older classis up with a newer one, Desdemona, leaves us,and the audience full of emotion. How many classics can one band write? Speaking of which, Jessica was played to perfection and Rockin' Horse has a new jam in the middle which kept it refreshingly interesting.
Disc Two starts off with a new composition, Spots of time, that Phil Lesh wrote the music to and Warren contributed the lyrics. it's a wistful reminder of how fast life goes by and how much fun youth is. With Gregg singing at his best you can imagine just how good Stormy Monday is. On Who To Believe, he is totally convincing, as he pours his pain out, plaintively asking questions of an unfaithful lover. The Juke Horns really add to this one as they also do on Into The Mystic.

Eric Krasno and the Juke Horns are the guest on the energetic encore, Southbound. Eric is a long time collaborator of Derek's and has been working with Derek and Susan on their upcoming album. Always good to see and hear him in his home base of NYC!


The Allman Brothers Band:

Gregg Allman - keys, vocals

Butch Trucks - drums

Jaimoe - drums

Oteil Burbridge - bass

Marc Quinones - percussion

Derek Trucks - guitar

Warren Haynes - guitar, vocals



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